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The bathroom a place of condensed moisture and hot, steamy showers. Paint is typically on the walls, unless there is a natural finished wood with a sealant. In the majority of bathrooms, there is a typical paint and primer finish. Why Precipitation and Paint Peeling Are a Problem Paint peeling can expose the surface underneath the paint. Remember, paint acts as a sealant to the bathroom walls and fixtures. When that paint begins to peel, the underlying wall is then vulnerable and unprotected from mildew and rot. These can lead to more problems than reapplying a coat of matching paint to the wall. Preventing Precipitation and Humidity First step, prevention of peeling paint. This can be accomplished by using the correct primer to make sure the wall does not peel in the future, or the wall takes a longer period of time to begin peeling. Most primers do not offer […]

Why Primer Is So Important
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It’s called “surface preparation” folks. And it’s critically important especially if you are painting a light color over a dark color. Take the exterior of your home for example. The usual recommendations from your neighborhood retail paint expert will tell you that on most surfaces that are unpainted you should always use a primer coat plus two paint topcoats of your chosen color. You might also consider this same procedure if you’re dealing with a painted surface that requires some scraping and repair work, as well. It pays to know the difference between latex and glossy paint. If your home exterior surface is in pretty good shape, any high-quality latex paint over an oil or latex surface works well. Just make sure you hit only repaired or scraped places with some primer, not the entire area. On the other hand if its latex paint over high-glossy paint make sure you […]

Painting Your House Without The Mess
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Painting a room or several rooms in your home is the perfect way to dramatically change any space on a budget. Paint is very inexpensive and is easy to do with the right supplies and quality paint. The only downside to repainting is the mess that it can make. Luckily there is a way to paint your home without the mess. Here is how. In order to paint without the mess, the first thing you need are the right supplies. Aside from paint, paint trays rollers and brushes a tarp/drop cloth is needed along with masking tape, a sponge and a screwdriver. In order to paint your home neatly and mess free you should begin by removing everything off of your walls. This should include pictures, A/C vents, outlets and switch plates. Once everything is removed wipe down walls to remove any dirt or debris. Once this is complete move […]