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Why Color is Important for Painting Project
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Determining which color is best for your commercial paint job can be tricky. Some projects will be fairly obvious – if you’re using a protective coating on wooden decking, for example, you’ll probably want to choose a transparent coat such as National Coatings Surface Master in clear so that the natural beauty of the wood shows through, but if you’re painting a café, fashion clothing store or a kindergarten you probably have a little more leeway to let your imagination run wild. If your project involves choosing a color for a public area or retail space it can be well worth doing some research into which colors people find restful or stimulating. Green and blue are the colors that most people find relaxing and are commonly used in doctor’s waiting rooms, hospitals and other places where people might be nervous, stressed or upset. Red has physiological properties that stimulate hunger […]

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If you’re in charge of the budget for a commercial project that you’re working on, making sure you have the related costs taken into account is crucial. You don’t want to under estimate and buy too little paint, and you certainly don’t want to over estimate it and buy way too much and waste funds. Whether you’re using normal interior or exterior paint or a protective coating such as National Coatings Surface Master, getting the right amount can make a big difference to your overall costs. If you’re painting the outside of a building a few relatively simple sums should help you get a fairly decent idea of how many tins you’ll need. Firstly, measure the perimeter of the building and then measure the height. Multiply these two numbers to get the total of square feet of the building’s surface area. If your building has windows measure the height and […]

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In this day and age when many businesses are struggling to stay one step ahead of the competition and even to stay afloat, making small changes to attract potential customers and to stand out of the crowd are crucial. One way of doing this is to give your company premises a fresh new look. New signage, a coat of paint or a protective covering such as National Coatings Surface Master on a showroom floor or restaurant decking can make all the difference and help to boost sales, orders or bookings. As many of us are painfully aware extra money to spend on such things may not be as easy to find as it once was, and if your first thought is ‘it’s going to cost me a fortune to hire someone to do that!’ then why not take the plunge and do it yourself? You’ll only need to pay for […]

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With the doom and gloom of the current economic climate plus stiff competition from other business who are slashing their costs to complete, many business owners are facing a tough time keeping afloat. If this sounds like you, don’t despair just yet because there are things you can do to help attract customers. Of course having a sale, running promotions or special offers is all well and good, but take a step back for a moment and have a good look at your actual business. No, not the books and accounts and stock levels, but the bricks and mortar that actually house you and your company. What do you see? If you are being completely honest with yourself, has the exterior of your business seen better days? Is it looked a touch faded or jaded? Is it failing to make an impact and lost amongst the surrounding businesses or buildings? […]

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How many times over the years have you looked at a room in your home and thought ‘that could do with a lick of paint’ then promptly headed down to your local hardware store, bought a couple of brushes, a roller and a few of cans of paint and proceeded to slap some paint up on the walls? Most of us have and many of us don’t give it a huge amount of thought – it can even be a spur of the moment ‘something to do’ task on a wet Sunday afternoon! Well, a commercial painting contractor is a little different to you or me; their jobs are usually planned out with a little more care and preparation than we exercise when slopping some sunshine yellow paint on the walls of the spare bedroom. So what do commercial painting contractors actually do? A professional painter will be qualified in […]

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Does your warehouse floor need a protective coating such as National Coatings Surface Master or perhaps your wholefoods café could do with a lick of paint? No matter what the task in hand is, if you have a big paint job coming up and you know that it’s too much for one person to handle, or you just plain old don’t want to do it yourself, hiring a professional painting contractor might well be your answer. Bringing in the professionals isn’t a cop out; let’s be honest – they will get the job done faster and more professionally than you and all those unwilling family members that you’ve roped in to help will. Think of all the time you’ll save – from going down to the store to buy your paint or protective coating, such as The Surface Master, as well as your rollers, brushes and protective clothing and covers […]

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If you have a big decorating or refurbishment job coming up and have neither the time nor the inclination to tackle it yourself finding a commercial painting contractor is obviously top of your list of things to do. Finding someone reliable, trustworthy, professional and who can do the job to your satisfaction can seem like a bit of a daunting task, but with a little research you should be able to find someone suitable for the job. Anyone with a paint brush and roller to their name can claim to be a painter and decorator, but you want someone that is good at their job, fairly priced and who is experienced in both traditional interior and exterior paint jobs as well as applying protective coatings such as National Coatings Surface Master. The Yellow Pages is an obvious place to start looking for a commercial painting or The Surface Master contractor […]